Last Chance & Limited Stock: Note From Shana

Last Chance & Limited Stock: Note From Shana

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you're enjoying the fall season (though I gotta admit the weather has been bonkers lol)! :D

This holiday season is going to be a wild one if you haven't guessed. The pandemic is creating supply and worker shortages (PAY PEOPLE LIVING WAGES Y'ALL) and huge mail delays. On top of that, a lot of my artists are full up and too busy to do more than one product drop, and some of the shop items are already limited stock. I'm hoping I can get refills on most of my items but nothing is a sure thing these days...

I guess what I'm saying is: If you love something at Shana Logic, grab it. If you've created a wish list, share it sooner than later. 

I'm not one for "urgent" messaging or sales pitches (I might even skip Black Friday Sales all together #capitalism) but I just want to give you all a chance to purchase everything you had your heart set on. 

I created a little section for items that are for SURE not getting refilled for the holidays, or are discontinued. Enjoy and thank you so so much for supporting my shop and artists - You're the best!

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