LGBTQ+ Pride Gifts

LGBTQ+ Pride Gifts

Representation Matters 🏳️‍🌈

Want to give the best gifts to your NOT straight friends and family? Or maybe you're a queer cutie who needs something special :)

Shana Logic features the perfect handmade items by queer artists! #shopsmall

Perfect & Affordable LGBTQ+ Gift Ideas:

  1. Support All Women Vinyl Sticker by Raspberry Cloud Studios
  2. ' Queer Magic ' Spell Book - Enamel Pin by GRRRL Spells
  3. Cutie Bi - Bisexual Pin by Sugar Lich
  4. Hand-painted Pride Pocket Kitty by Magic Bean Buyer
  5. Sloth Pansexual Pride Pin by Shana Logic
  6. Respect Nonbinary People Juice Vinyl Sticker by Raspberry Cloud Studios
  7. NOT Straight Pride Pin by Sugar Lich
  8. They/Them Ouija Board Planchette Earrings by Quirkey Turkey
  9. They/Them Pronoun Pin by Midge Blitz
  10. I'm Valid Trans Crystal Pin by GRRRL Spells
  11. Hand-painted Trans Pride Kitty Figurine by Magic Bean Buyer

Visit our LGBTQ+ & Grrl Power Section for more!

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