Shana's Artist: Cynthia of Meow Amor Creative

Shana's Artist: Cynthia of Meow Amor Creative

What was the first type of "art" you made (paintings, digital art, pins, etc)?

The first kind of art I made was digital illustrations. I started with this just for fun and had daily challenges to create a new digital illustration everyday so I can improve on my artskills and adobe illustrator skills.  After a year of practicing I discovered I can turn my artwork into stickers and other items! This opened up so many possibilities and inspired me to create even more.


What inspires your artwork?

CATS!  When my family and I got our first kitty (His name is Bruce) that's when my artwork became all abouts cats! Other things that inspire me in my artwork are things that make me happy like relaxing color palettes, animals, florals, cute animals, nature, and halloween!


When did you start designing pins, stickers and washi tape? 

I started designing enamel pins in 2018. It was a great feeling to see my digital illustration become a physical item I can hold or wear! I had such a great response to it that I continued to design so many pins! I have designed at least 100 pins since 2018! 
I started washi tape in 2019 with just one simple design but at first it didn't do well, could be because I only had one design, but then I decided to try washi tapes again in 2020 and this time created so many designs including ones with foil and more fun patterns. This time my washi tape designs took off and I design new washi tape frequently. I especially love designing washi tape because I get to use my pattern design knowledge into this product! Plus I get to use them in my planner journal too!

You obviously love cats! Are they your favorite thing to draw?

Yes! Absolutely my favorite to draw since they make me so happy. Cats are so cute and funny that they easily inspire me. I also illustrate other animals but cats are my number one. My next favorite is the fox.

Do you have any pets?

My husband got me a kitty for our 2nd wedding anniversary. We both went to meet the kitty and we both instantly loved her! We named her Waffles! Now Waffles is about to be 2 years old and we can't even imagine our lives before Waffles. She brings us so much joy and we love her sassy personality. Waffles loves to play and likes to watch us work. I have a few illustrations based off her and more designs of her coming soon!


What's your workspace like?

I share an office with my husband. Here is my half of the office . I love to surround myself with cute plushies and artwork from other artist work that I love! 

Is there something you'd like to try and make that you haven't yet?

There's so many things I'd like to make! I definitely want to try to design socks, plushies, plush keychains, and vinyl figures. New products can be a little scary to try out but once I do my research and figure out which design I will try to achieve these goals! I can't wait to try new products and hopefully continue to grow my product line.

What's something that most people don't know about you?

I have a patreon club and when I get a chance I like to draw my patrons' pets and include them in my sticker sheet designs! I love doing this because I like to show my appreciation to my patrons for their support and it actually motivates me more by seeing their cute pets to get more artwork done. They were included in both my halloween sticker sheet designs and the valentines day sticker sheet. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

My main logo is actually based on my family cat Bruce! Which is why I have lots of black cat designs too!



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