Shana's Artist: Missy Kulik

Shana's Artist: Missy Kulik

Hi Missy! Tell us a little bit about you.

Hello! I am an artist, designer, and illustrator living in Atlanta. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, moved to Athens, Georgia for a while, then relocated a few years ago to live closer to my day job. I have a passion for zines, comics, and DIY projects.

When did you start illustrating?

I have been drawing my whole life. I began making comics in grade school. My favorite was Garfield! I drew a cartoon strip in the school newspaper, it was pretty much a Garfield knock off! It was about a cat called Oreo, who was fashioned after my all black cat that my family had when I was a child. Oreo did everything Garfield did! I don't think anyone ever noticed! I also drew for my high school newspaper, too! I had a character called Trevor who was an elf, and another called Eddie the Talking Speedbump. More recently I had a comic strip called Tofu Baby in the Flagpole, the weekly paper in Athens. It got cancelled due to the pandemic last year.

What is your favorite thing about making artwork and jewelry?

My favorite things about making jewelry is that it allows me to focus on making each item one at a time. I also like the challenge of seeing how small I can draw, especially for the little locket artworks!

You clearly loveΒ animals, do you have any pets?Β 

Right now I have Oreo, who is my rabbit. I love having a rabbit! Oreo is also a very special bunny! I found her with my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Someone left her in a cage that said "free" outside of the vegetarian cafe, and then, walking to our car, we spotted her! We took her home and did not expect to keep her, but the next day she was playing onΒ our porch and she lay down beside me - that was it! She was staying! We also had our cat, Nilla, pass away in January. We are still terribly sad because of this. Nilla is such a great cat, I miss her so.

How long have you been working with Shana Logic? What's it like? Do tell.Β :P

I love working for Shanalogic! It allows me to be creative and make my goodies and have Shana do the "leg work" part of selling! I have been with Shana Logic for a while, I forget when! Maybe I started with you in 2009?

(note from Shana: YES! I think it's actually been over 10 years if you can believe it :-)

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