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Giant Cicada - Iridescent Rainbow Ornament

  • $9.99


We love this multicolored cicada ornament /wall hanging by our talented artist Enchanted Leaves. The pendant has been given a vibrant titanium rainbow coating that give a kaleidoscope of beautiful iridescent colors.

This multichrome ornament strung on a pretty black organza ribbon is perfect to give as a gift for someone you love, or as a little treat for yourself! You can hang it in a window, on a tree, on your rear view window, or even come up with a creative and unique use- like to adorn the gift packaging to a fellow nature/insect/bug lover! Great for a unique gift!

About this ornament:

  • Size: 2.25” long and 1.25” wide, hangs approx 5-6" including ribbon
  • Vibrant multicolor chameleon colors
  • Backside is concave/hollow
  • Strung on black organza