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Limited Edition Shana Logic Cat Logo - Vinyl Sticker

  • $4.00

Kitty Cat Magic!

Do you love shopping handmade at Shana Logic? Show off your love for shopping small with this super cute Shana Logic Logo sticker featuring Cute purple bubble letters with pink sparkles and a cat in the "O," illustrated by Shana of Shana Logic.

This matte UV laminated sticker is durable enough to last on water bottles, laptops, notebooks, and your car (which is where we'll be putting it lol!).

This is a collectible sticker with a limited run. Buy 1 or grab 5 or 10 stickers with an extra discount!

About this sticker

  • Size: Approx: 3"x2"
  • Original Illustration
  • Matte Vinyl UV laminate sticker
  • Limited Edition