Allergy Sniffles Club - Iron On Patch

  • $6.75

Join the club!

Anyone with allergies is automatically an official member! You'll want to show off your status with this super cute patch featuring a tissue box and the words "Allergy Sniffles Club - *Sniff *Sniff" on it,  illustrated by our talented artist Robot Dance Battle! 

About this item:

  • inch wide

Iron On Patch Instructions:

  1. Ensure garment does not have wrinkles
  2. Iron desired area for 10 seconds
  3. Place patch on heated area
  4. Cover patch with a cloth and iron firmly for 30 seconds
  5. Turn garment inside out and iron firmly for 30 seconds
  6. Remove cloth and let patch set, if patch is loose repeat steps 4 & 5 or sew onto garment. Wait 48 hours before washing in cold water and let air dry.