Ceramic Bird With Houses - Wall Hanging Optional

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One-of-a-kind sculpture!

Shana Victor is the founder of Shana Logic, but she's also a ceramic artist specializing in sculptures of birds and other woodland creatures. Her work mixes the beauty of the natural world with the concepts of loss and mortality.

About this piece:

  • Title: No Windows (part of the "Home" series)
  • Size: Approx 4.25" tall x 6" wide
  • Materials: Terracotta Clay, Cone 6 glaze, Enamel
  • Fired with a weathered Turquoise Glaze
  • Finished with gold enameled highlights and detailing
  • This piece looks best on a wall and has a hole in the back for hanging. Please be sure that the nail has a head or hook on the end, to ensure the security of the piece.
  • Signed by the artist

Shipping: Due to the fragile nature of this piece, this item requires special shipping and handling which is built into the price. Please allow 5 business days to ship.