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MOOD Changing Nebula Cuttlefish - Stud Earrings

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Handmade and Unique!

These small and colorful little cephalopods are here to be your constant and ear cuddling little companions!

The special talent of these little cuttlefish is that they change colors in a rainbow! With heat a sensitive effect that changes from 60-90 degrees, these little cephalopod buddies change from black, to golden, through orange and red, to greens, Blues and into a gorgeous in indigo/violet! (Watch the video in the photo gallery).

Like a mood ring, they start off black with speckles and then change colors as you touch them or heat them up.

An amazing whimsical statement for every merfolk and ocean lover, these little squid buddies make a great gift for everyone with cephalopod love in their hearts! Catch yours before they swim away!

About these earrings:

  • Size: 15 Millimeters
  • Materials: Pigments, resin, glaze, titanium
  • Finishings: Titanium- Hypoallergenic 100% nickel free findings with butterfly backings
  • One Pair