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Ursa Major And Ursa Minor Bears - Glitter Metal Enamel Pin Set

  • $20.00

Celestial Beings!

You'll love this gorgeous and highly detailed pin set featuring Ursa Major and Ursa Minor mother polar bear and her cub with their corresponding constellations on their bodies. The big dipper is a part of the Ursa Major or Big Bear constellation along with the little dipper, Ursa Minor or Little Bear constellation. 

This stunning pin set was designed by our talented artist alum and Ink and the white iridescent glitter makes this pin set look really special!

Perfect for astrolomy buffs, animal lovers and more!

About this pin:

  • Size:  Mother Bear 1.75" with two posts on the back, Baby Bear 1" with one post on the back
  • Materials: gold metal hard enaml pin
  • Two rubber backings on larger pin, one on the smaller pin
  • Two pins per order as shown