Shana Logic 2021: Starting From Scratch

Shana Logic 2021: Starting From Scratch

WOW. So first off, hiiii everyone!!

I really didn't expect to be opening Shana Logic again quite so soon after I closed four years ago. Closing the shop was devastating to me actually, and I was waiting for "the right time," to reopen. I knew I would reopen, but just not quite yet. Maybe when I'm ready I'll tell you guys exactly what I was looking for in the retail landscape (hint: it has to do with etsy and amazon LOL).

But listen: 2020 was rough. I mean lots of years are rough, but this one? Ooof. I decided that after the dumpster fire of last year, I want to go back to doing what I love and hopefully making the world a better place in my own way. So I opened early!

My Shana Logic 2021 Goals:

  • To introduce you to some amazing artists and makers while bringing back my artist family you all know and love!
  • I want it to be easy for you to find that stuff you love.
  • I want to donate a portion of Shana Logic's proceeds to important causes. I know you guys are awesome and caring (I remember our successful fundraisers of the past), and I can't wait to ship you handmade items that can help give back to marginalized communities. I'm still working on this concept, but you can purchase my pride sloth buttons to give back to an awesome organization!
  • And I want to make a living. What? What business ever says that?? It's true though. I don't want to be a big company. Ever. I just want to make enough to pay my bills while supporting artists. Seems like a reasonable goal right? :P

The photo I posted is my old shipping station! It's in my basement again like old times and it's kinda surreal to start from scratch but hey, I gotta start somewhere!

Thank you for coming back everyone! And if you're new and have no idea what this shop is about...welcome!! I hope you love it :)

Shana (she/her)

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