We're back with the best handmade jewelry & actually indie items!

About Shana Logic

Shana Logic is different: We only sell handmade and artist designed items and are 100% indie!

We work extremely hard to bring you only the coolest, most unique items from the most creative individuals and your orders will be packed with love!

Shana Logic is where you can find the best handmade jewelry, accessories and more, that are well...actually handmade by artists! We work closely with a core group of creatives to ensure that the items we sell are by either one person alone, or a small group of 2-3 people max. No factories, no coops, no businesses pretending they make everything by themselves, just artists and amazing items! (Plus, they're all great people!)

Our shop located is in Ann Arbor, Michigan (in Shana's basement - for real!) and our goal is to give people an alternative to shopping at chain stores or large portals with no oversight, while introducing people to talented artists, designers and the modern craft world!

We have values and want to put our money where our mouth is.

Shana Logic's goal is not just to support artists, but to give back and help support organizations that we believe help better the world. We will be actively fundraising to donate proceeds to these organizations. Stay tuned for our next fundraiser.

Shana Logic is owned and run by one lady:

Hi!!!! It's me Shana, (nice to meet you!) I ran Shana Logic for 15 years and then closed in 2016. But crazy things have happened and I decided it was time to reopen to support artists once again! I'm super excited to be back and missed you all very much!

Because I'm one person, I get to make sure that I hold to the Shana Logic standards. We might have less funds to work with than our competitors, but we have heart!

Awesome Customer Service

We love our customers. Like, really love them. We know you have chosen to support artists and that is special to us. You deserve great customer service and we are here to give it to you!

Shana is so passionate about good customer service, that you can even email her directly at shana@shanalogic.com so you can be totally comfortable shopping with us! When you fill our our contact page with questions, you get US! No robots, no forms, no waiting 3 days to hear back--only emails back from Shana and her assistants. 

Support artists - Shop indie & feel good about every purchase!