Shana's First Label Printer

Shana's First Label Printer

I got my first label printer y'all!

You might not realize this, but ever since the beginning of Shana Logic, I've had toΒ fold in half and tape each label onto each package with packing tape like a caveman lol. It's a HUGE pain, but for some reason I had this mental block about buying a label printer? Like, in my brain I was thinking it would be as hard as it was in the 90's to print on mailing labels or something #sillyme

Anyways, I just got and set up this pretty little baby andΒ printed my first shipping label sticker. It was soooooo easy I'm a dummyΒ for waiting so long but yay!

Ok, place your orders - I'm ready to ship them! 😘 πŸ˜‚

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