My Secret Third Thing - Gallery Show

My Secret Third Thing - Gallery Show

Hi Everyone!

I've been hinting to a secret third thing that's happening this year with my shop and it's finally here. I'm going to close Shana Logic for summer break so I can tackle it!


My Secret Third thing is an online gallery show featuring Kendra Binney's originalΒ paintings, new plaques,Β as well as my own ceramic sculptures in the fall!

About My Artwork:

You may have noticed that I've been working on my own ceramic pieces. I'd love to spend the summer focusing on this because my work is going to be in a show in the winter, AND I want to be able to sell my pieces to you again! I've realized it's kinda hard to have a shop, and work on my pieces. I rearranged my basement so that I have a cute little space to work on them, and I reallllly hope you love them and follow my ceramics journey.Β 

About Kendra Binney Gallery Show:

This is why I'm REALLY excited about the fall. Kendra Binney is working on new pieces including her rare original paintings. These along with larger sized plaques, and a full restock will be available for a limited time in the fall. She's currently working on this and I can't wait to see what she makes (even I have no idea!!)

But what about the cute shop Shana??

That will reopen with the gallery so you can still pick up all of your favorite things this fall/winter!

Stay tuned for announcements about our gallery show!

Follow my ceramics work here


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